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9 Reasons For Why Your Outsourcing May Go Wrong



These people discovered the hard way to ensure that you wouldn’t need to. Here’s my set of the 9 most overlooked outsourcing errors made by entrepreneurs. Take a look.

1 . No managers

Certainly your employees can deal with themselves generally, but they aren't managing your company. Understand the distinction. I would recommend having a task administrator who's American be over your outsourced workers to track them and be up-to-date about what’s going on.

2. Outsourcing to any country

Labor rates are fairly low in several countries but culture and language will be the true tickets to your business’s success. I must say that I recommend using just the Philippines for outsourced roles for several reasons. Believe me on this.

3. Outsourcing way too much

I’m an outsourcing nerd and I also preach how essential it really is to outsource each day. I honestly don’t notice it often but from time to time I see those who have simply used outsourcing too much. You are still the mind of the business – don’t try & give that up.

4. There’s only 1 approach to pay

The “fixed price” outsourcing payroll system is effective for several jobs, however, definitely not for all. Give a look for other paying choices for your people.

5. The less costly the better

Fair settlement is offering something higher than the market price but less than you would be paying within your local areas. In case you want to be inexpensive, you’ll get low-quality results. Your workers happen to be your investment, therefore give them the treatment like one financially.

6. Everyone thinks exactly how I think

I'd say thinking in this manner is not an functioning strategy in your life, or in outsourcing your business. Obviously, it’s great to discover like-minded individuals to do your projects with. But also understand that your workers will hardly ever think how you think. That way of thinking made you the CEO. It’s also great to have people around whose thought process is different than yours so even more concepts and innovations can flow.

7. I’ll will never require any more employees

If you are thinking to grow, your outsourcing will have to do the same. Actually, I would state that if you’re outsourcing the proper way…you can be certain that you’ll need to have more workers to take care of your lead generation that comes via your present outsourcing department.

8. I don’t require a relationship with my staff

You DO desire to be as hands off as you possibly can with outsourcing. Nevertheless there is definitely something very helpful about understanding the names of your outsourced workers and making them feel that they are essential to you. In the end, they are carrying out essential pieces of work to your business. Fostering an exceptional relationship with them makes good workers even better when it comes to performance and general trust.

9. I’ll delegate what I don’t understand

Certainly, to a point. Maybe you don’t happen to be a graphic artist, but nevertheless, you know very well what they do, don’t you? Honestly, that is essential. In case you don’t know what you require and why it’s required, don’t attempt to use outsourcing for it or you’ll throw away your assets and will probably be taken advantage of.

Avoiding these basic nevertheless often overlooked confusions with your outsourcing will definitely save time, cash, regret, and the understanding of poor business.

Keep in mind that with outsourcing, you own the outcome.

Do it correctly.

Krisna Negara & Assistants

Founder — KrisnaN / Serial Entrepreneur / Company Friends / Jewel Friends / TheKrisnaN Lifestyle / KrisnaN Acquisitions / KrisnaN Ventures / KrisnaN Solutions / StressLess Work Systems / Author / Inventor / Investor

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