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9 Things “Guru” Outsourcers Rarely Do Themselves


The times of doing everything by yourself are gone, and the most successful internet marketers I know (and train) recognize that your capacity to delegate is your capacity to produce income. Outsourcing is pretty much the new black, and managing and developing your business hasn't been easier in the event that you learn how to outsource effectively.

Should you be anything like I was, you happen to be sold on outsourcing techniques at this point (sign me up to accomplish more with less to do!) – nevertheless, you’re uncertain which duties you can rely upon somebody else’s hands, or what virtual assistants have even in their capacity to do.

Therefore, we made a collection of a couple things I have personally had success with when outsourcing. And the fantastic news is, each one of these can be outsourced part-time in a smaller business.

Pick one out for you and start going towards doing less and getting more.

1 . Data Mining & Entry – Also known as “busy work”. Don’t misunderstand me, creating that VIP customer list is essential, but once again, it is something you can outsource effortlessly to an assistant and make the best of everything you do best – being the leading identity!

2 . Graphics – There are several choices for outsourcing graphics. Any kind of logo, web page graphics, or marketing images you will need can be created by another person, and for a really fair price. Give anyone who has an innovative eye the collection of what you need and let them show their very own magic. A few of the best helpful graphical outsourcing resources are fiverr, odesk and sitepoint.

3. Transcription – Transcribing webinars, podcasts, or any kind of video content material takes time – a whole lot of it. Particularly if you don’t possess the equipment to create the content easily. Therefore, save the pain and a whole day of your energy by outsourcing that one.

4 .Curating Content – Obviously you understand the blazing topics in your marketplace. Well, that is why you’re a business owner. Nevertheless, staying on top of what your customers want and what’s brand-new in your niche probably takes several hours of analysis. Outsourcing the acquisition and organization of content may be the perfect job for a VA.

5. Social Media Posting – That is the most typical area I see companies outsourcing, as they should. Everybody knows the benefits of social media within our businesses but keeping track of frequent postings in every one of them is stressful! There is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and even more. A devoted assistant can take all that strain elsewhere by moderating communication on Facebook, updating your statuses, and publishing over a schedule to assist you with staying connected.

6. SEO – Creating a system for SEO might be your task.. but implementing it isn't. SEO and generating leads should be outsourced as a priority in all businesses. That keeps you growing. When you have a virtual assistant connected to that system, you’ll be on your way.

7. Posting To Your Blog — The business blogging trend is certainly growing! Blogging will help you with advertising & marketing, along with connecting with your customers. But creating material and timing articles shouldn’t be your priority as a business owner. Obtaining a virtual assistant to deal with blog posts is certainly an intelligent investment.

8. Project Administration – Shall we state you’ve got a number of different tasks being outsourced at the same time – actually managing your outsourced workers can feel like a time-eating juggling show! Getting a trusted and experienced VIRTUAL ASSISTANT to become a project supervisor for all of your outsourced projects can save you stress, time, and give you the possibility to be totally hands off, also in the outsourcing component of your business. This, my dear friends, is the goal!

9. Writing Copy – This is often a simple sales web page, a long form sales page, or any kind of specialized collection of content you don’t desire to use time composing. Copywriters fee is a notable penny – and there is point to this! If copywriting isn’t your strength, discover someone with that specialized skill and hire them. It'll be an investment that quickly pays itself back to you. If you don’t outsource that one, you’ll spend a huge chunk of your time – often several weeks creating a web page and still finish up with a sub-par copy. Don’t make that error! Outsource your copy!

Bear in mind, your achievement in your organization isn’t in what you can do yourself, it’s in how you are able to get others to perform for you.

The difference between your success you’re having today and the phenomenal success you want is outsourcing!

I dare you to select one among the things within this list and get yourself a VA to focus on it for you.

You are going to be amazed with the time you conserve and how your business develops.

Krisna Negara & Assistants

Founder — KrisnaN / Serial Entrepreneur / Company Friends / Jewel Friends / TheKrisnaN Lifestyle / KrisnaN Acquisitions / KrisnaN Ventures / KrisnaN Solutions / StressLess Work Systems / Author / Inventor / Investor

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