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Monday - Friday11AM - 9PM (UTC +2)
OfficesPakkamestarinkatu 2 A, 00520 Helsinki , Finland
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At KrisnaN companies, we want to provide the best possible future for everyone. As our vision holds the values of doing that, it’s imperative to us that everyone that decides to accompany us on the journey is rewarded more than well for their efforts. We teach expertise and demand effort, but the results speak for themselves for everyone’s personal & business lives, and our organization. We have built our values and actions on this promise, and it is our pride to stay loyal to them.

Good Firm
Great People

We always saw several other companies we thought as unquestionably successful, seriously having issues with their employee satisfaction despite being professionally lucrative. We wanted to be something else. As we built our values and ideas over the years, we didn’t want any undefined values and relying on outer motivation. We wanted only people who could help us reach our goals consistently, and we could help them reach their goals & dreams with us. Creating a win-win was, and will always be, a requirement.

By valuing our goals, our employees’ vision and pushing forward together, we were able to create something utterly unseen. Since the beginning, we’ve only become more resourceful with helping, creating value for customers and for ourselves. Starting from the thoughts of our CEO’s inner creator,  creating and aiming for a winning network of employees, partners & associates has proved to be immensely fruitful for people’s career and overtime this will become a massive help for millions. A positive and clear-cut culture of quality has been rewarding past words, and if you fit ours, we want to show you how you can join us.


What do we
Stand for?

Of course, we are all for business. But within and outside it we want to have everyone reach their freedom. All of our informational technology, expertise, systemization & getting the highest possible ROI’s possible for every professional activity is based on reaching the highest peak of freedom humanly possible. On our different categories of information, knowledge, and experience stands an idea for compiling a reality of smooth, seamless passion for being able to live the life you want as an individual. While reaching those objectives, we love creating lifelong bonds between devoted people.
Whatever it is you need to learn, with us it is possible. See our Education Academy.
Business Planning
Learn to create plans & workflows that will produce time & resources you never had.
Human Resources
See how we navigate our customer service and employee well being. See how you can create a workplace of freedom, but also discipline.
Strategy is what’s needed with every new plan we make for businesses. For everyone it’s unique, but also formed around basic principles.
Start Ups
When your company is still smaller, it has only a package of things to focus on, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Learn how to make everything simple. We’ll show you how.
Organically grow as an organization while still making strategic and systematic improvements. The state of your team is more important than any income it produces.


Overtime, as we coach you forward, we will help you implement all the relevant growth strategies for the highest ROI & multiplied revenue.


While improving all the technical assets within your business, we’ll also help you generate a better customer service with less resources through our systems.


Scale your outsourcing possibilities to a point where your business can run on autopilot. Reach higher customer satisfaction with every facet within your company operating smoothly.


Keep everything running like a well-oiled machine with the best systems for you and give your business mobility and room for it to be able to always grow in every situation.

Would you like
To join us?

Here we’ll go through the aspects you should know when thinking about applying for KrisnaN companies, with a CV letter.
Challenging projects
As we’re a small but fast-growing company, this is be the best opportunity to be a part of our projects. There’s an imminent chance to learn the best practices and expertise, gain knowledge and push your skills. We can help you become the master you want to be while working together..
Custom working time
When you start working with us, you’ll experience completely custom work times. We’ll see what fits you best and proceed with it productively.
Family insurance
We also offer insurance for you while you work with us. And it doesn’t cover only you, but your whole family.
Close to city center
Our office is located near the city center of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.
Awesome Clients
Read the reviews our clients can write on us at About Us > Testimonials.
Winning team
When you join, you’ll see that you’re a part of a real team. If you’re a good fit for us and want to improve, our environment won’t let you down.
Great people
After joining, you’ll see that a great team & work environment are absolute.
Creative environment
All time you spend with us is guaranteed to produce you and us the best possible results. We’ve created and continuously improve our culture, so we can effectively reach your dreams while working with us.
Grow & improve with us.
Pakkamestarinkatu 2 A, 00520 Helsinki, Finland
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Grow & improve with us.
Pakkamestarinkatu 2 A, 00520 Helsinki, Finland
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GET IN TOUCHKrisnaN Social links
Connect With Krisna and our Global Community On Social Media.

Copyright by KRISNAN. All rights reserved.

Copyright by KRISNAN. All rights reserved.

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