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How You Can Bait Your Employees..


This might sound a whole lot worse than it truly is.

Among the big difficulties you sometimes face when outsourcing is keeping your people encouraged and cheerful.

What I am saying is how to ensure that your workers stay happy, so you can stay happy too.

Win, win.

Here’s my personal collection of the best ideas to strengthen your relationship with your outsourced workers and helping them to maintain the right path.

And coming from somebody who has experienced loyal and amazing outsourced employees for over 10 years, I promise these are the essential tools to keep them cheerful.


1 . Communicate…a lot.


It really is essential to keep the conversation on. Whether it’s through skype, email, or google chat, maintain an open connection. It gives them a better experience, keeps them upon job, and allows a relationship to establish.


2 . Compliment them…a lot.


Let them see that their work is very well appreciated. Make an effort to acknowledge their achievements. Be sure you thank them regardless of what size the duty is. Basic compliments go quite a distance.


3. Keep them informed.


Don’t isolate your remote workforces. Let them meet the physical operating teams. Web conferences can be quite useful. It can help them feel linked to other workers and a section of the company all together. We also prefer to give them the bigger picture when I’m having them execute a task. Therefore they know exactly why they’re carrying it out and how it suits in to the machine.


4. Give feedback…a lot.


Taking their work with no feedback leaves them thinking if they did everything right. Therefore help to make it a habit to give credit and opinions or solicit their thoughts and opinions when you can. Pay attention to what they need to say. With this method, you will have the opportunity to understand their very own strengths and weaknesses.


5. Utilize different tools to help monitor their quality of performance.


Products such as JoyProof, that have been intended for keeping an eye on outsourced workers and assuring you’re obtaining what you have payed for, might help your workers experience more competence in themselves. This appears counterintuitive but I have experienced workers telling me it does indeed increase their self-confidence because they are certain they won’t have their efforts or integrity questioned.

As an employer, it’s important to be cautious when using monitoring software programs together with your workers.


Using them as a threat or surveillance will in actuality backfire on you.

Implement these exact things and you’ll have a cheery, more productive and keen workers who'll be faithful to you and help you achieve your business goals.

And that is pretty much what you want, isn’t it?

Krisna Negara & Assistants

Founder — KrisnaN / Serial Entrepreneur / Company Friends / Jewel Friends / TheKrisnaN Lifestyle / KrisnaN Acquisitions / KrisnaN Ventures / KrisnaN Solutions / StressLess Work Systems / Author / Inventor / Investor

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Pakkamestarinkatu 2 A, 00520 Helsinki, Finland
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