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Your Own Qualities Don’t Matter So Much

What? Yet I've got a high IQ, I’m passionate, and my close friends state that I have a great personality. These types of characteristics will not help me reach freedom?


Certainly, you’re not wrong: Your qualities might help, however they won’t straight up give you what you wish to have. You have learned that you’re able to tweak the systems within your life to create the outcomes you want, but bear in mind those systems

simply do not value you and your positive characteristics.


The systems within your life are devices, not really guardian angels. They won’t take care of you (if you don't particularly set a few of them up to achieve that).

So what is the answer regarding your attributes? They'll be useful in certain circumstances yet important in few. What doesn’t matter so much? Your interesting personality, visual appearance, job, friends and family in valuable positions, who your parents are, how much cash you possess, or the automobile you have. Neither will your IQ, educational history, positive frame of mind, or even how hard you hustle have that much meaning.


What other things don’t matter? That you’re on beverage stamps, disabled, did not head to university, have a mother or father in prison, or perhaps don’t have good friends. These are certain types of conditions, not really disqualifiers for achieving your goals


What matters are the machines.


Consider this within your own life: Just how many individuals are you aware of that have these characteristics or circumstances, who also have difficulties or are unsuccessful?

Think about:


  • effective professionals without time;
  • people who are often smiling even when they have difficulties is most areas
  • stunningly good-looking people who are actually extremely stressed;
  • hardworking individuals who have struggled their whole lives but have accumulated nothing at all for pension;
  • parents that give everything with their kids but who, subsequently, are utterly disrespected by those children;
  • high school graduates who have build enormously lucrative businesses;
  • the unappealing, who've accomplished everything they have desired, including a great enticing lover;
  • the isolated, who've got independence and prosperity;
  • people who have physical dysfunctions who also are content, engaged with life, and a motivation to their surroundings; and
  • workers who began in the most poor & dark places of a company but they have climbed to peak leadership.


Making use of the systematic mindset point of view, can you realize why the above situations happen? Intentionally or subconsciously, the 1st five people can’t see the machinery with their lives, while the last five can. In the event that you asked all of them, could the final five clarify their success? Most likely not: For many successful individuals, an understanding of how life-machinery works is ingrained. They do not consider it; consequently, it’s unseen. And in my own experience the majority of these people can’t place a pointer on their instinctive Systems Way of Thinking -strategy.

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Pakkamestarinkatu 2 A, 00520 Helsinki, Finland
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Grow & improve with us.
Pakkamestarinkatu 2 A, 00520 Helsinki, Finland
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