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Your Life Is a Selection Of Independent Systems

The Systems Mindset positioning is made around an elementary matter that probably one in 100 people notice. Even as there are those that had the Mindset from birth, most weren't. If it’s not really ingrained, getting it generally requires three things.


First, the time has to be right and that typically (however, not every time) means there's been some emotional trauma lately or there's been a long, drawn-out life struggle that has turned out intolerable.


Second, the principles have to be clearly clarified.


And third, there has to be some silent, cautious observation that's beyond any menu-driven way of belief. This doesn’t imply the belief system must be abandoned, it implies that for just a brief while it is put aside so there may be an unbiased study of root physical reality.


For most who read these webpages, the acquired Systems Mindset insight should come quickly. For some, it will require days or several weeks of thinking and observing. It depends. Regardless, for many people the insight comes up in a blink, at a particular time. In whatever way it arrives, when it occurs to you it'll be a blunt turning stage in your life.


Understanding the systematic mindset is a revelation, an realization that may change you forever.


This is actually the simple foundational premise of the Systems Mindset: Your daily life isn't a confused swirling mass of sights, sounds, and events within which you have to steadily battle for survival. Moreover, it’s an orderly assortment of independent processes, a lot of which you can silently modify so they'll give you the life experiences you want.


Now it’s time for cautious observation.


Give a look around: in your house, on the road, or at your job. Let’s begin by considering your vehicle, a primary system, which, like any system, is supposed to accomplish an activity. In this case, the duty is to move you from stage A to stage B. And like any main system, your vehicle is an assortment of independent subsystems. Show that to yourself by asking, what does the radio involved with the brakes? Or in what manner does the transmission affect the air conditioning equipment? And what's the involvement between headlights and the speedometer?


In each case, there is absolutely no common ground.


And what about the main system that is the body? What does your liver have to do with your belly or your pancreas together with your mind? Or, how is your left foot involved with your right hand? Once again, in each case, nothing!


Yes, in your vehicle and within you the subsystems are linked to one another and interact to the advantage of the main system, however in their essence, the subsystems are independent from each other.


Your daily life is an assortment of individual systems!


Would you like more proof? Silently observe your everyday life. In the house you make meals. How is that procedure associated with washing clothing or watching television or being asleep? And at work, what's the bond between making a sales presentation and planning the payroll?


Back to your vehicle: The car mechanic isolates an issue to a specific subsystem and corrects that issue within that malfunctioning subsystem. Assuming you’re doing business with a genuine mechanic, if your alternator turns out broken, that mechanic will never be replacing the gas pump.


And together with your body, in case you have a broken leg you won’t end up being rushed to a skin doctor. You’re likely to be having an appointment with an orthopedic specialist instead.


This separate-system truth is ever-present. All of your existence and all of the world around you is an immense selection of independent systems and subsystems. When you can internalize this fundamental fact, you’ll have extreme advantage over everyone around you. Obtaining this deep understanding is definitely what I call “getting it,” and after it occurs, your future activities will be super-effective, led by this even more accurate comprehension of mechanical truth.


Right now let’s pause to examine what we’ve learned. In these real-life illustrations, we’ll combine two systematic mindset ideas: the constant seeking for control with the truth that life is a selection of independent systems.


Your smartphone: You own it because you have to control your communication.


Your car: You have to determine your physical location, so that you can control what your location is and where you’re heading.


Your lawnmower: You want to have control over the grass in your backyard.


Your job: You need money, that allows you to apply control in a range of areas, and that means you look for it.


Your house: You need a safe and private location in which your body can retreat to rest and recharge.


Your loved ones: You do everything you can to keep them safe.


Your health: To make sure your life continues, you do what's essential to be vital, solid, and injury-free.


You can easily develop more good examples, and here’s the idea: With a host of separate procedures, our lives are spent in a continuous quest for control.


Have you ever considered your existence like this?


But still, in case I focus on getting even more control, won’t I turn into a control freak?


Yes, however, not in the colloquial way. In your brand-new control-seeking efforts you’re going to quietly reach what you want in your life without making yourself and everyone around you insane. You’ll become passionate about your fresh vision, however your management efforts will surely not be because of some type of obsessive-compulsive disease.


There you have it: the easy mechanics of the life you’re living and the world you occupy in. Today you’re one layer deeper than nearly everybody around you. This elementary modification in how you start to see the parts of your life will lead you to make decisions which will take you right to the independence and personal control you’ve always wanted.


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